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Bambu Cedar Coasters
Bambu Cedar Coasters

Bambu Cedar Coasters

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Bambu has extended the concept of their reclaimed cedar wood to the popular drink coasters. These cedar wood coasters are truly unique because they are made from hand-selected cedar wood planks reclaimed from 70-year old Chinese houses.

The uniqueness of each board is derived from the colour, grain, lines and knots that differ each serving board from one another.

  • 3 3/4"
  • Set of 4 Coasters
  • No lacquer coating
  • Finished with a food-safe oil to nourish and protect the wood
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Use Bamboo Goo as you would on your bamboo grain

The Story of The Reclaimed Cedar Collection

On one of Jeff & Rachel's many trips to Bambu's workshop in China, they stopped in a small town and discovered what looked to be an interesting salvage yard that stocked timber and other used building materials.

Jeff & Rachel asked about the cedar wood and learned a few things. Before western building materials were introduced in China in the mid-century, people used the local wood, naturally. Chinese Cedar wood was a common material for the building of homes and other wooden structures. The wood has been salvaged, and used most often by local people for small projects.

Bambu tested the material and learned that it was free of chemicals. This makes sense considering the Cedar wood is naturally resistant to staining, bugs and mold. That was the ah ha moment and the Reclaimed Cedar line of serving boards, trays and coasters was born shortly there after.